Ching & Wagner take the Siskel & Ebert concept of two critics
reviewing/arguing movies, but with a twist. Ching gets high as a
kite, Wagner gets fuckin drunk, then they review/argue movies.
It's a Chinese stoner vs. a gay drunk.
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Episode 9 - Rise of the Summer Blockbusters
plus sorry to our Japanese fans (if we have any?) about our racist
Godzilla review
is now available!

We review:
The Amazing Spider Man 2, Neighbors,
Godzilla (or Gojira as Warren calls it), The
Raid 2, and Joe

Video Pick: Most bad ass popcorn action
movie clusterfuck...whatever...

Next Episode: July 1st:
Canada Day Special

-Edge of Tomorrow
-How to Train your
Dragon 2
-A Million Ways to Die in
the West
-The Grand Seduction
-Normal Heart

Video Pick:
Favorite Canadian