"Best website ever!!"
- Jeff Ching's Dad
"I agree!"
- Jeff Ching's Mom
You can also call me Ching Midas, because anything I touch turns
to comedic gold.

I have launched a petition to Justin Trudeau to make
420 a national Canadian holiday. If legalization is on the
table, why doesn't Canada go one step further and
become the first country EVER to have a national
marijuana holiday? Why the fuck not? Please read my
petition, sign it if you like it, and please share. Let's
make this shit go viral! It may be the most absurd
petition you've ever read, but some of the best ideas in
human history started out absurd, right? Like, when
Einstein said, "E=MC^2, I'm sure some people were like,
"That's fucking absurd!" Anyways...