Ching & Wagner take the Siskel & Ebert concept of two critics
reviewing/arguing movies, but with a twist. Ching gets high as a
kite, Wagner gets fuckin drunk, then they review/argue movies.
It's a Chinese stoner vs. a gay drunk.
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In Warren's words, "Finally for once I don't come off as the asshole… Jeff is
both verbally and physically abusive to me in this episode… Tune in to see

In addition to Jeff's hate crimes, we also review Need for Speed, In Fear,
Non-Stop, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Husband. For our video
picks, we choose our favourite drunk/alcoholic film.
A year ago, the world of film criticism lost the most
important, influencial, respected, intelligent, and loved
movie critic of all time in Roger Ebert.

In this episode, we talk about what made him so
awesome, his contributions to film, & his affect on our
lives as film nerds.